Condition Descriptions

Merchandise sold through this marketplace will be classified using the conditions below and all items are sold “as is”. If you have any questions on the condition of merchandise offered, please Contact Us prior to submitting your bid as no claims will be accepted for damaged merchandise.

New Condition: Items are end-of-season and in new condition, but have been removed from original packaging. Up to 5% of this lot may have security sensors still attached.

Outlet Condition: Once-worn, outlet condition items. A small percentage may show signs of heavier use and may contain stains, stretches, tears or scuffs.

Supplier Claims: Items that have a tangible manufacturer defect. Defects can range from minor cosmetic issues to major functional problems. Items can consist of customer returns that have been worn, or unused items with failing features. Defects can include broken zippers, rips, tears, cracks, missing buttons, broken or missing straps, missing parts and other damages. Lots will be a mix of “lightly defective” and “heavily defective” items. The percentage of each is unknown and will vary by lot.

Distressed Returns: Items returned for a variety of reasons, including defective features. Merchandise will show heavier signs of use and may include stains, wrinkles, stretches, rips, tears or other damages and imperfections. Lots will be a mix of “lightly distressed” and “heavily distressed” items. The percentage of each is unknown and will vary by lot.